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Microsoft’s new Smartphone

Microsoft’s  smartphone is a phone that truly integrates the things people really want to do, puts those things right in front of them. The phone uses an elegant operating system that is very different from the current trend toward app-focused phones.

Facebook photos, music and contacts are pulled into the phone and distributed appropriately across Hubs. It also brings together many of Microsoft’s popular offerings from other platforms, including Xbox, Zune, Office and Bing.

The phone’s interface features Hubs for categories such as People, Music and video, Photos, Games and Office. These Hubs are never more than a few screens away. The People Hub, for example, pulls in Facebook status updates from friends as well as providing the more obvious contact information and phone numbers. Users can take actions like responding to updates or sending a text message right from the People Hub rather than having to find and launch a particular app.

New phones in a variety of hardware des…

SATA Configuration

Serial ATA (SATA, Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) is new generation a harddisk interconnect. SATA replace parallel ATA technoloy. The Serial ATA (SATA) have two separate connectors, one connector for the data lines and one for the power lines.

SATA pinout
Pin Name Function
1 GND Ground 2 A+ Transmit+ 3 A- Transmit- 4 GND Ground 5 B- Receive- 6 B+ Receive+ 7 GND Ground

SATA uses a 4 conductor cable with two differential pairs [Tx/Rx], plus an additional 3 grounds pins and a separate power connector. SATA runs at 150MBps(SATA/150), 300MBps(SATA II), or 600MBps transfer rates. Faster SATA implementations are backward compatible with older devices. 8B/10B encoding used for data transfers. Maximum unshielded cable length is about 1 meter. eSATA shielded cable may be up to 2 meters length.