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USB port bermasalah di win xp

Pernah mengalami kejadian aneh dengan USB port? USB port jika dimasukan flash disk, Harddisk external atau peripheral lainnya tidak ada respon alias tidak mendeteksi hardware. Padahal sebelumnya USB port tidak bermasalah

Kemungkinan masalah ini bisa disebabkan oleh virus, driver bermasalah atau listrik. Kemungkinan oleh virus bisa diatasi dengan melakukan update antivirus. Setelah update lakukan scan all system. Kemungkinan kedua oleh driver yang bermasalah. Ketika flashdisk baru dimasukan ke port USB, driver automatic install sendiri. Ketika proses sedang berlangsung kemudian terjadi crash maka install tidak sempurna. Hal ini bisa menyebabkan flashdisk sebagai unknown device. Untuk masalah ini solusi adalah unistall unknown device, instal ulang driver atau update service pack windows.

Kemungkinan ketiga oleh listrik, device USB adalah perangkat yang rawan terhadap perubahan arus listrik dan gangguan listrik statik. Jika terjadi kebocoran arus listrik device ini akan bermasalah.Mengatas…

Rss2email can help read my url rss in my inbox.RSS to email has never been easier. feedmyinbox allows you to subscribe to any feed, and have the results delivered to your email inbox automatically.users to read RSS feeds in their email clients.

FeedMyInbox is a very simple service that attempts to bridge the gap between feeds (RSS, XML, Atom) and email.

How to use
Step 1
Find the site you would like to track, such as a blog, a news site, twitter feed, or even craigslist search results.

Step 2
Once you find a feed you would like to subscribe to, simply type in the web address (URL) for the site on

Step 3
Once you subscribe to a feed, we will send an email to the address you specified. Simply click the link that is enclosed to confirm that your email address is correct, and you are all set!

An email will be sent to you each time the feed is updated, but no more than every 24 hours (to cut down on inbox clutter).

Windows 7 features

one-click access to available networks
Windows 7 makes viewing and connecting to all of your networks simple and consistent. You'll always have one-click access to available networks, regardless of whether those networks are based on Wi-Fi, mobile broadband, dial-up, or your corporate VPN.

Internet Explorer 8
Internet Explorer 8 helps you do what you want online, faster. With innovations to the address bar, search, tabs, and the Favorites bar, Internet Explorer 8 brings you more information, with less effort.

Desktop enhancements
Windows 7 simplifies how you work with the windows on your desktop. You'll have more intuitive ways to open, close, resize, and arrange them.

With Windows 7, it’s easier to do things you do all of the time. For example, before, when you wanted to compare two open windows, you had to manually resize your open windows to show them side by side. With Snaps, you can simply grab a window and pull it to either side edge of the screen to fill half the screen. Snap…