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Error Printing @ Zencafe Linux

Error printing di Zencafe mengakibatkan printer looping terus. Button power di off terus di On kembali, Printer masih looping. Bingung...diapain yach (maklum newbie), akhirnya..

Iseng-iseng klik System, open Cups web manager. Keluar windows Print Manager. Disini rupanya Managernya printing di zencafe. Cobain satu menu di cups web manager. Mulai dari Job cancel (printer masih looping), reject (masih juga). Akhirnya klik menu stop print baru berhenti. he..he..

Ada yang tau stop error printing (printer looping terus) di Linux suse 10 (with LTSP)? belum ketemu tuh sampe sekarang cara stopnya...selama ini pake cara singkat ng-Reset server...he..he.. Cara ini cukup ampuh cuma suka di iringi "nyanyian user"
Huuh...reset lagi

Listen Radio On BlackBerry

You can listen radio on BlackBerry with Slacker radio. You can listen over 100 station programmed.You'll have detailed artist biographies, full album reviews and more. Best of all, the music can be stored on your phone so you can listen even when you don't have a connection!

Other feature:
# Unlimited free music on your BlackBerry
# Over 100 expert-programmed genre stations
# High-quality stereo sound over any connection
# Listen even when not connected
# Music plays even while using other applicatio

You can download for free here