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The Linux Terminal Server Project (ltsp)adds thin-client support to Linux servers. For educational environments, LTSP lowers hardware costs by enabling the use of older or less powerful machines as thin clients, as well as reduced administration overhead by having only to install and maintain the software on the server. When a workstation fails, it can simply be replaced without data loss or re installation of the operating system.Thin client computing has been around for a long time in the UNIX world.

Although the implementation has evolved quite a bit, the concept has remained the same:
1.The thin client only takes care of the basic functions like display, keyboard, mouse and sound.
2.The server does the heavy weightlifting. All the applications run on the server, and they simply display on the thin client.

The openSuSE KIWI Image System provides a complete operating system image solution for Linux supported hardware platforms as well as for virtualisation systems like Xen Qemu or VMw…

Install Deskjet 400 printer@zencafe

Make sure lpt cable conected to port lpt on cpu. Turn on printer and go to system, Cups web manager. Add printer, fill name, Location and description. Device selected LPT1. Model selec Hp and driver choose Hp Deskjet Series not Hp deskjet 400. And then try print tes page.

NetFlow Mikrotik with Ntop @Windows XP

ntop is a network traffic probe that shows the network run on every Unix platform and on Win32 (windows Xp) as well. I was try it.ntop users can use a a web browser to navigate through ntop.
ntop support,IPv4/IPv6,IPX,DecNet,AppleTalk,Netbios,OSI,DLC protocols and many more.If use Windows XP you can find Ntop demo version limited to 1,000 packets capture.

Configuration on XP
* Ip XP (Mikrotik
* After install finish run Ntop service, open browser local.
* Go to Plugins, NetFlow Active
* NetFlow Configure
- Add "NetFlow Device", rename netFlowdevice with Mikrotik
- Local "Collector UDP Port" use 2055 (example, must be same with netflow port mikrotik)
- Change " Virtual netFlow interface network Address" with (Ip MIkrotik)
* Go to RRD, Active
* Go to Admin, Switch Nic to Mikrotik

Configuration on Mikrotik
* Open Winbox, Ip, NetFlow, Enable
* Change Ip address to (XP)
* Interface, ALL Interface

back to Ntop, …