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Types of Diabetes Mellitus

If the body does not produce enough insulin to move the sugar into the cells, the resulting high levels of sugar in the blood and the inadequate amount of sugar in the cells together produce the symptoms and complications of diabetes. Doctors often use the full name diabetes mellitus, rather than diabetes alone, to distinguish this disorder from diabetes insipidus, a relatively rare disorder that does not affect blood sugar levels


Prediabetes: Prediabetes is a condition in which blood sugar levels are too high to be considered normal but not high enough to be labeled diabetes. People have prediabetes if their fasting blood sugar level is between 101 mg/dL and 126 mg/dL or if their blood sugar level 2 hours after a glucose tolerance test is between 140 mg/dL and 200 mg/dL. Identifying people with prediabetes is important because the condition carries a higher risk for future diabetes as well as heart disease. Decreasing body weight by 5 to 10 % through diet and exercise can signifi…

Sharp TV problem

Anyone have experiance Sharp TV breakdown as following, if power button in press Light indicator red color then if TV in turn on,then light indicator green color but few seconds later return to red color. On the screen blank. symptoms damage Sharp TV like
this due TV protect system indicator On. Its make TV to Turn off. For Sharp TV normally happen trouble in part of Vertical, Horizontal or audio. How to solve it
Untuk memperbaiki kerusakan TV Sharp dengan kondisi seperti ini (protec), bang Zic memberikan solusinya sebagai berikut:
Pertama anda harus bersihkan dulu mainboardnya dengan sikat atau kuas yg dipotong sekitar 2cm,untuk melihat dan memastikan adanya titik solder yg tidak baik,karena titik solder yg kendur akan tergerak dan dapat anda lihat dengan jelas.Gunakan cairan thinner high gloss ( berkualitas bagus dan cepat kering ) untuk membersihkan kotor atau noda pada mainboard.Setelah bersih,periksa semua titik solder di bagian : Vertikal-Regulator/power supply-Flyback.blok ini ada…

Cows Milk

We used to take it for granted that milk was good for us. But now the industry faces a crisis, with the public questioning such assumptions. So just how healthy is milk? Anne Karpf investigates.Does God's own PR company handle the account for milk? How else has it managed to hang on to its untarnished image, despite gallons of evidence to the contrary? White ergo pure, natural, nutritionally essential: milk seems more an element than a product, as if it were nature in a carton. While the reputation of other animal foodstuffs has plummeted, milk's has stayed relatively buoyant. Indeed, many people believe that their health will be jeopardised if they don't drink it. In the US, milk is virtually the national emblem (apple pie, in comparison, is an also-ran).
Yet something is bubbling up in the milk pan. The animal welfare groups, for so long preoccupied with chicken and beef farming, have begun to take up the cause of the dairy cow. The scientific evidence, too, is massing up…

Lactose Intolerance

The area in the intestines where lactose, the enzyme needed to break down lactose, is produced is called the brush border. It is at the ends of the microvilli. It is only one cell deep. As most people age, their ability to produce lactase decreases. Sometimes it decreases to the point where you are unable to deal with all of the lactose that you ingest.

If you have decreased production of lactase and then something else happens to compromise the integrity of the brush border, it cases further reduction of lactase production. If you continue to take in lactose, that causes more irritation and loss of lactase production. It becomes a vicious negative feedback cycle.
When you are suffering from celiac sprue, there is damage to your intestinal villi. This can make one temporarily lactase deficient to the point where lactose becomes a problem also. This happened in my case. Once I started on the gluten-free diet and my intestines had healed, lactose was no longer a problem for me. I can eat …